Rigging Training

We offer custom Rigger Training and NCCCO Certifications.

A small example of Rigger training classes offered:

  • NCCCO Rigger I certification class: This is a 2 day program that consists of one day of intense classroom training followed by a day of practical exams and computer based testing.
  • Rigger Introduction “in the field user class”: This is a 4 hour class that can be delivered in the classroom or in the field under real world conditions.
  • Rigger Qualification I Class: This is an 8 hour course designed to assist employers in qualifying there riggers under OSHA’s 1926 sub-part CC standard.
  • Rigger Qualification II Class: This is a 16 hour course that is more complex than the 8 hour program and is designed for more complex lifting requirements.
  • Advanced Rigging Class: This is a 32 hour program designed to cover most aspects of mobile crane rigging. This course includes an active rigging shop tour to include a sling destruction demonstration.

We offer competitive pricing for individuals or group rates.
Just call 623-332-2184 or Email cranesafety@gmail.com with any questions.

See the NCCCO Rigger & Signal Person Certification 2017 Class Schedule


Feel free to read the OSHA fact sheet for more information:


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