Special Services

We also perform these special services to assist you, your safety or training department.

  • Site audits that focus on material handling safety
    • We focus on positive not just the negative
  • Aerial and scissor lift operator training programs
    • Training can be in the classroom and the field
  • Forklift training and certification programs for all types of forklifts
    • Certify your forklift operators under 1910.178, warehouse or construction
  • Rigging inspection and testing services
    • Load testing or annual inspections
  • Mobile and overhead crane inspections
    • Annual inspections under current standards
  • Accident prevention programs
    • Manager and field personal
  • Load testing and certification
    • Safety through proof testing
  • Accident investigations including root cause analysis
    • Subject matter expertise to find the root cause of crane or rigging accidents.
  • Expert witness
    • Involved in litigation we can assist with Material Handling Experts
  • Policy writing and review
    • Have a proven written plan to guide your material handling safety
  • Heavy Equipment Operator Training
    • Backhoe
    • Excavator
    • Front End Loader
    • Skid-steer


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