Crane Accident Incident Case Studies

In the last month, I have had two customers call me regarding crane and rigging accidents. One safety professional was looking for what he thought was a solution and the other was trying to understand how the accident occurred.

Accident 1. The load came off the hook and fell on a guy. They had moused the hook latch back and inadvertently landed the load, rigging came out of hook causing it to fall over on the guy. My questions centered around the process and I was not shocked to hear this is the way they always do it.

Accident 2. During disassembly of a lattice boom while driving pins out of the heal section the boom fell as it was not supported properly and landed on a guys foot.

The reason for my little article is, why call me after? I know you would need to be psychic to call me before but how about sooner? I’m not sure if some safety professionals understand they may not know everything. I’m not a confined space guy or the guy you turn to for blood born pathogen safety. However, if its crane or rigging related I think I can help. Asking questions like why was the hook moused? Was the boom pawl engaged? What is your policy regarding this process? Do you have a policy? Who qualified the crew? This is not just me looking for more work. I’m very lucky to have plenty. But those that know me, know how much I like to help. Especially helping out customers that I call friends. So my question to the readers is why wouldn’t you ask for help? I don’t believe it to just be about the money, nor do I think its arrogance. Is it ignorance? I have certainly gone into investigations with a preconceived notion only to find I was completely wrong with my original thought. I don’t know many people that like to be proven wrong. I certainly don’t. But when presented facts sometimes you just need to suck it up and admit you were wrong. The reason for the investigation is really to prevent it in the future right? So if I can help, let me know.

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