Don’t Punish With Training

Recently I have received more than an unusual number of calls for rigger training. The calls usually ask for some training as “We don’t pick up anything heavy” or they ask for a quick “You know basic rigging class”. I have my definition of rigging as does anyone else. After about a half an hour of trying to figure out what they need and how I can help it comes out, “We had a little accident”. My problem is I get to go to places after an accident. Many safety professionals don’t’ understand rigging or rigging concepts. They go to an OSHA outreach class or they read the OSHA standards and try to do there best to get a root cause analysis. I know it costs money to hire a subject matter expert, I also know some trades don’t take rigging as serious as their profession. I don’t blame them, it is rare you meet someone who introduces themselves as a rigger. They can have titles from lineman to ironworker. All construction trades use rigging or can and many have little or no training. So, they call me or someone like me, then they ask to take an 8-hour class and turn it into a 6 or 4-hour class because we can’t have the guys out of the field for that long. So, I ask what would you like me to take out?

My question to all interested is how do we educate as a reward instead of punishment? OSHA says the employer shall train the employee but to what level? Who sets the level? Is there such a thing as basic rigging? I guess if I hand you a hook and the eye of a sling you could figure how the two go together. But what about capacity? Inspection, proper use?

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