NCCCO (CCO) Re-Certification for Mobile Cranes, Rigger & Signal Persons

National Re-Cert Exams for Crane Operators, Riggers & Signalmen in Arizona

Did you know all CCO certifications expire every 5 years?

You can recertify up to 12 months prior to your certification expiration date which can be located on the front of your NCCCO Certification card. There is no “Grace Period” if your certification expires. If you have not taken your Recertification exams before you have to start over which includes a practical exam.

It is also important to NOT re-certify more than 12 months prior to your expiration date. This will cause your certification date to start immediately, instead of at the end of your current certification period. In other words, you lose that time.

Recertification candidates are allowed two (2) attempts to pass their exams before they expire. If you do not pass before your expiration you will be required to take all required exams over again including practical’s.

Reasons to Re-Certify Early:

  • It is cheaper than paying for the whole process later if you expire!
  • Reminder: There is “NO GRACE PERIOD”. If you don’t test before you expire it’s too late!
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Less stressful
  • Job security
  • Update knowledge and skills
  • Professional Credibility
  • Earning Potential

With changes occurring in laws, technology, and equipment it is imperative that that testing is done to make certain knowledge has been retained and to accommodate these changes.

Documented Experience: When registering to retest you will be required to sign a statement on the application indicating you have a certain number of hours of required crane-related experience during your certification period. If you don’t have the experience, then you will be required to take the additional Practical Exams for each specialty the certification applies to.

Recertification requirements may vary a bit between programs, but generally, a candidate must:

  • Pass a recertification exam
  • Continue to adhere to physical requirements
  • Continue to adhere to NCCCO substance abuse policy

Written Exam Testing or CBT (Computer Based Testing) can be done for the following:

  • Mobile Crane Certifications
  • Rigger Certification

Signal Person Certifications requires a Practical Exam.

Photos: Photos on cards do not need to be retaken unless it does not meet the current requirements (full face, no hats or dark glasses). If you have had a significant change in appearance it is recommended that you update your card. A photo can be submitted with your recertification application or email it to

Study materials and additional information can be located on the website.
Check out the Candidate Handbook for specific details to your certification specialty requirements.

Best of Luck!

Recertifications for Mobile Crane, Rigger & Signal Persons