Custom Rigger Training and NCCCO Certifications

We do this to ensure we are teaching you what you need to know. Not just what we want to teach you. OSHA has inspection rules but very little use. This is because you’re supposed to be qualified to rig a load. In fact, it is mandated in the construction law that all rigging is done by a qualified rigger. What makes you qualified? In the simplest of terms, you must know what you’re doing. I find only too often people have been overloading rigging without even knowing it. Then when the rigging fails, they are hurt, end up hurting someone else and the company fires or punishes them in some way. We don’t know what we don’t know because well we don’t know it.

Rigging can be an art, or it can be a minimal task as part of your trade. I don’t run into a lot of riggers. I run into a lot of people that have other titles that rig. Some look at a shackle as nothing more than a tool. That OK it is a tool, but you don’t use a $900.00 torque wrench as a hammer, do you? Why would you do that with a shackle? All rigging hardware needs to be used correctly, inspected correctly, stored correctly and when necessary preplaced correctly. We teach types, capacities, storage, proper use so you can make an informed decision if you’re even using the right rigging for your task. You don’t want to use chain slings around glass or even wire rope around high power lines. All these things and more are taught. One cannot just know stuff.

Rigging is a complex art. Many overlook its importance because we all know how a hook works. Take a sling eye and put it in a hook and lift the load. How hard can that be? What does the load weigh? What is the capacity of the sling? What is the capacity of the hook? How do you tell if any of the items are defective? That’s where we help. Understand not just what OSHA says but way, more importantly, is why! The “WHY” cannot be stressed enough. If you ever heard someone say “Pick it up slow let’s see what happens” they were being honest. The why is knowing when you pick the load it is going to do exactly what you want. To accomplish this, we offer a wide range of rigging classes.

A small example of Rigger training classes offered:

  • Rigger Introduction “in the field user class”: This is a 4 hour class that can be delivered in the classroom or in the field under real world conditions.
  • Rigger Qualification I Class: This is an 8 hour course designed to assist employers in qualifying their riggers under OSHA’s 1926 sub-part CC standard.
  • Rigger Qualification II Class: This is a 16 hour course that is more complex than the 8 hour program and is designed for more complex lifting requirements.
  • Advanced Rigging Class: This is a 32 hour program designed to cover most aspects of mobile crane rigging. This course includes an active rigging shop tour to include a sling destruction demonstration.
  • NCCCO Rigger I Certification class: This is a 5 day program that consists of intense classroom training followed by written exams and a day of practical exams. This class is always taught in combination with Signal Person Certification.

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Feel free to read the OSHA fact sheet for more information: